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To obtain a Texas L.T.C.† you must complete a 4-6 hour classroom course, qualify with either a semi-auto or revolver and pass a 25 question exam.

We recommend that you apply online at the Texas D.P.S. Concealed Carry website before or after the class. You then must send in all the required paperwork to the State, pay the current fees and undergo a complete background check and have electronic fingerprints taken before the State issues you a license.


The classroom course consists of topics on the use of force, conflict resolution, gun safety and storage, Texas laws pertaining to the use of force as a defense, licensing requirements and laws regulating concealed handgun license holders.

The range (proficiency) portion consists of 20 rounds fired at 3 yards, 20 rounds fired at 7 yards and 10 rounds fired at 15 yards. A total of 50 rounds fired.




To qualify for a Texas CHL you must: (per Govít. Code 411 subch. H sec. 172)

1. Be 21 years old. (Current members of the armed forces must be 18.)

2. Have a clean criminal history, including military service and recent juvenile records.

3. Not be under a protective order.

4. Not be chemically dependent.

5. Not be of unsound mind.

6. Not be delinquent in paying fines, fees, child support, etc.

7. Be eligible to purchase a handgun by completing the NICS check.

8.† Complete required training.

Eligibility & Requirements